May news is here!

George Lewis
George Lewis
Photo courtesy of George Lewis

The MAP Fund’s newsletter has arrived!

This month’s featured grantee: Afterword: The AACM (as) Opera (MAP 2014) will be in Brooklyn on May 23. This concert version serves as a preview of the musical elements of the project. Tickets are available here.

In case you missed it: MAP announced the 2015 Grantee Projects! We proudly announced the selection of 37 new works in contemporary performing arts that will receive a total of $1.2 million in direct support for project development, creation and premiere through 2017. Read the press release and watch the video for more information about these projects and artists.

What we’re reading: The e-book component of Bebe Miller’s Dance Fort: A History (MAP 2011) was published on March 30. The e-book is now available for free download.

Where we’re going: Take a look at our newsletter’s May Performance Calendar to see where MAP funded projects are headed this month.

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