08/04/2015 MAPstaff


Can an artist without 501(c)3 status apply for a MAP grant?
Yes, through the support of a fiscal sponsor. Artists should check with their state or local arts councils or artist-service organizations in their area to learn about sponsorship opportunities.

Can an organization apply for more than one project?
Yes, as long as the artistic personnel on the projects are entirely separate.

Does my project have to premiere inside the United States?
No. However, the MAP Fund aims to support and encourage the performance field in the United States, so it is exceptionally rare that a project that exists entirely outside the U.S. will be funded by MAP.

Can I apply for the same project two years in a row?

Can I know who is on the panel?
Panelists’ and evaluators’ names are announced at the same time the final awardees are announced.

What’s the typical amount of a MAP Fund grant?
MAP grants tend to range from 25 to 30 percent of a project’s total budget.

How much money can I request from the MAP Fund?
Up to 30 percent of your total project budget.


What’s a Lead Artist?
A Lead Artist is the choreographer, playwright, composer, or other artistic maker who is leading the overall project vision, without whom the work could not exist. Artistic directors or executive directors who are not generating the proposed work should not be designated Lead Artists.

All Lead Artists on a project are required to submit a bio during the LOI phase. If the project is invited to make a full proposal, each lead artist will be asked to submit work samples and a personal statement of intent.

Please note: Lead Artists must be made aware that they are being submitted on a MAP application. If an artist is submitted for more than one project, the artist will be asked to choose which project moves forward.

How many Lead Artists can an application have?
At least one but no more than three Lead Artists may be named on an application. Please note that “work for hire” artisans regardless of how skilled, are not usually considered Lead Artists by MAP’s definition. Please consult the MAP staff for further guidance.

Can a Lead Artist be submitted on more than one MAP grant a year?

Do Lead Artists have to be American citizens?
No. Applicant organizations must be based in the US, but artists may be from anywhere.

What if my project has more than three Lead Artists?
Make an appointment to strategize with MAP Staff.

Can an ensemble be considered a Lead Artist?
Yes. Ensemble companies may list the company as a single Lead Artist, and submit up to three work samples representing the group’s work.

Can multiple ensembles apply for one project?
Yes. You may submit up to 3 ensembles as composite Lead Artists.

What does MAP mean by “ensemble”?
MAP defines ensemble as a group of three or more artists who have been co-creating works together for at least 2 years.

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