Miguel Gutierrez in residency for Age & Beauty Part 3

Age & Beauty Part 3
Age & Beauty Part 3
photo by Eric Mcnatt

Miguel Gutierrez has two creative residencies this month! Gutierrez is currently developing Age & Beauty Part 3* (MAP 2014), the third and culminating chapter in a triptych that celebrates queerness, art-making, and mortality. Performed by Gutierrez along with an intergenerational cast whose immediate physical representation is not “dancer,” Part 3 is an opportunity to envision a new future dripping with lamentation, aspiration, melancholy, fantasy and doubt – a choreography for the end of the world.

Age & Beauty Part 3 premieres in September at Live Arts Bard. The September premiere is the first presentation of the complete Age & Beauty series.

August 10 – 22: Gibney DiP Residency
August 23 – September 9: Creative Residency at Live Arts Bard

*Full title: Age & Beauty Part 3: DANCER or You can make whatever the fuck you want but you’ll only tour solos or The Powerful People or We are strong/We are powerful/We are beautiful/We are divine or &:’/// 

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