Faye Driscoll in residency at the ICA Boston for THANK YOU FOR COMING: PLAY


Faye Driscoll is in creative residency this month at the ICA Boston! Driscoll is currently developing THANK YOU FOR COMING: PLAY (MAP 2014), the second in a series of works about how we are all wrapped up in each other whether we like it or not. PLAY focuses on the ritual of storytelling, forcing it to the forefront of a physically-driven dance-play which investigates how we rely on stories to relate to one another and form identities as individuals and as citizens.

In addition to experimenting with the choreography, Driscoll is using the residency to develop the design elements of this evening-length work with lighting designer Amanda Ringger, sound designer Michael Kiley, and visual artists Jake Margolin and Nick Vaughan. The residency will conclude with a free work-in-progress showing. As this is the first iteration of a work that will not premiere until 2016, Driscoll will conclude the performance with a Q+A, but one with a twist: she will supply the questions and ask the audience for answers.

THANK YOU FOR COMING: PLAY premieres in September 2016 at the Wexner Center for the Arts.

August 22: Work-in-progress showing for THANK YOU FOR COMING: PLAY residency at ICA Boston

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