Work Samples / FAQS

Work Samples / FAQS
11/11/2015 MAPstaff

In the process of completing your full application? Work Samples should be uploaded to the “WORK SAMPLES” Tab on the application site using the steps outlined here:

At the top of the page is a note to “read the instructions” in bright green. Click on that text to get to the instructions page.

Every lead artist and ensemble must submit work samples.

Submit continuous footage. Promotional reels or highly edited video clips will not be viewed by panelists.

Submit one ten minute sample, or two samples that equal ten minutes.

In addition to samples from completed works, each applicant may submit one work-in-progress sample from the proposed work.

Choose samples strategically. Do you have a sample that demonstrates an aesthetic choice, a staging choice, a technique, a practice, etc. which points to an area of investigation in the proposed project? Select it, and then use the narrative field to say exactly what you want the reviewer to look at. “In this sample, you will see how I have dealt with two bodies in space. For the proposed idea, I imagine treating the stage in a similar way but with three bodies.” If you don’t have footage of what you plan to do, select a strong clip, and then talk explicitly about the ways you intend to deviate from the elements in that sample.


Should I send a work sample for my Executive Director, Artistic Director or Music Director if she is not a generative artist on the proposed work?


Can I send promotional materials as work samples?

No. Send only samples of the work itself, without voice-over explanation or promotional editing. Press coverage and/or reviews may not be submitted.

Are there restrictions on the age of a work sample?

Yes, every Lead Artist should send at least one sample from work created within the last 5 years.

I’m a fiscal sponsor, am I responsible for uploading sponsored artists’ work samples?

No. Artists are responsible for uploading their work samples before submitting their application.

What do you want in the description of my work?

It’s very important to help the panel connect the work sample to the proposed work. Use your work sample to do this explicitly. Are there themes or elements in the work sample that you intend to explore in the proposed work? Tell use precisely what and where those are. Connect the dots! For example: “We are interested in X, which you can see in the sample Y, especially when Z happens.” Does the sample demonstrate a particular challenge or strength in your practice that the proposed work will allow you to tackle or deepen? These are important factors to include in your description, along with the basic facts such, briefly, who is performing and where.

My company is commissioning a new work that we will premiere, but not co-create. Should we send a work sample for the company in addition to the commissioned artist?


Read more FAQs about Work Samples here.

The deadline to complete the full application is THURSDAY, December 10, 2015, at 5:00 PM EASTERN TIME. No late applications will be accepted.

Notification of panel results is April 2016.

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