Our updated application opens on 9/26!

Our updated application opens on 9/26!
09/12/2016 Kim Savarino

Alleged Lesbian Activities MAP 2016

Registration opens on September 26th. At that time, you may create an account and begin filling in Round One of your application.

The following materials will help you submit your strongest proposal:

Key Changes to the 2017 Application Process
      • Applicant organizations may submit on behalf of multiple projects.
      • An artist may be a “lead” on more than one grant application.
      • In addition to naming up to three lead artists or ensembles, applicants may now identify a wider creative team (non-lead collaborating artists, community partners, administrative support staff such as independent producers and fundraising consultants, etc.).
      • Applicants don’t need to edit work samples. They can upload full-length files and simply indicate cue points or page selections.
      • Applicants can submit work samples via links hosted on Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc.
Of note for independent artists:
      • Independent artists working with Fiscal Sponsors may initiate their own MAP applications this year. Proof of fiscal sponsorship affiliation will be required only of applicants who are invited to Round Two. NOTE: Fiscal sponsor policies vary greatly. Some will require formal affiliation prior to being named in a Round One MAP application. MAP strongly recommends that independent artists contact their fiscal sponsors to ensure they are meeting all internal requirements, policies, and deadlines.
Of note for fiscal sponsors:
      • Fiscal sponsors no longer need to initiate MAP applications on behalf of sponsored artists. Artists may self-initiate, and MAP will notify organizations directly if a sponsored artist has been invited to make a full proposal. At that time, the artist will be required to submit a signed letter of affiliation from the fiscal organization before the deadline date of February 4, 2017. Fiscal sponsors may withhold letters of affiliation at their own discretion.

If you have questions about your MAP application, please email mapinfo@mapfund.org with a subject line that reflects your concern (ex. “Creative Team” question). This is the best and fastest way to receive thorough responses.

We look forward to receiving your applications!


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