Pluralism, Performance, and Resistance

Pluralism, Performance, and Resistance
11/15/2016 MAPstaff

Dear Friends,

For many years, the MAP Fund has supported artists whose work lifts up powerful and persuasive voices, bodies, and images to protest ableism, anti-semitism, the climate catastrophe, immigration injustice, indigenous genocides, LGBTQ injustices, misogyny, poverty, racism, and many other forms of violence that embed in the status quo. MAP has also supported artists whose work awakens us with its unfamiliarity, its sheer newness, and in doing so teaches us that what is different is not to be feared.

We cherish these artists and we owe them a profound debt of gratitude.

In this moment, where public rhetoric and, increasingly, public policy puts the very lives of some artists and their communities at risk, we say to our LGBTQ and immigrant friends, to our POC and differently abled friends, to our women friends, and to all our otherwise disenfranchised friends: We see you. We hear you. Your voices, your lives, your bodies, your stories, your images, and your perspectives are critical to the humanity of this nation.

We will continue to work with you, and for you, toward a compassionate, equitable, and truly democratic society.

Moira Brennan, Kim Savarino, Lauren Slone
The MAP Fund staff

Here are some resources we’re referencing for inspiration and care:

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