2021 Questions + Answers

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Do all collaborators on the 2021 submitted project need to be eligible by MAP’s requirements? 

No. Only the submitting artist needs to be eligible; however, the submitting artist must be responsible for the overall execution of the new project. 

There were multiple collaborators (individual artists) listed on our original MAP proposal. We are now working on our own individual projects. Can each of us enter the lottery?

Yes. If artists who were previously listed as individual collaborators are working on separate projects, each of them may opt in for their own respective project. 

Can an artist without nonprofit status submit a lottery entry?


Do artists have to be U.S. citizens?

No, but if selected, artists must have been living and working in the U.S. for the past two years, AND must be able to provide one of the following: 

  1. Social Security Number (SSN), 
  2. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), or 
  3. Fiscal sponsor entity or other 501c3 organization that could receive funds for them.



How does MAP define “project”?

A live artistic study or practice resulting in a performance that will be available to an audience. We recognize that notions of “liveness,” “practice,” “audience,” and “performance” are evolving. We support that exploration. For additional guidelines, please refer to “Grantee expectations” below. 



What happens if my entry is selected in the lottery?

By submitting the entry, artists assert their eligibility and agree to comply with the MAP Fund’s guidelines. The grant team will contact selected artists to learn more about their project ideas and plans for use of the funds to structure contracts.

In order to initiate board approval, the proposed project must not include:

  • Oppressive language, structures, or content;
  • Requests for re-mounted performance of work that was originally created by other artists or has already premiered;
  • Requests for a new presentation of existing repertoire;
  • Requests for a “festival,” “season,” “series,” or “performance platform,” which showcases the works of many different artists selected by invitation and/or application to participate;
  • Requests for the touring of a previously premiered project.

Grantees will have two years to expend the funds as they see fit. MAP conceives of project-based support as inclusive of creation, practice, research, development, workshop, production, and rest. In addition to project funds, grantees will receive general operating support.



Which payment methods are available to grantees?

Grantees may opt to receive the grant via physical check, ACH wire transfer, or PayPal. 

Can MAP make separate payments to each person on our creative team?

No. We understand that artists work in creative constellations, but for auditing reasons, MAP requires that an individual is designated to receive the funds and assume responsibility for fulfilling contractual obligations with MAP. 

Grantees will complete an additional secure form to specify how they wish to receive the funds and sign a digital contract. They may choose to:

  • Receive the funds directly
    • The designated individual will be responsible for signing a contract with MAP, final reporting requirements, and negotiating personal/business finances and tax implications. 1099s will be issued.
  • Request the funds pass through a 501c3 or LLC entity (their own, a fiscal sponsor, or another partner):
    • Entities will be responsible for signing a contract with MAP, final reporting requirements, and negotiating finances and tax implications with the artist.

Banner: MAP 2020 grantee Last Ward by Yaa Samar! Dance TheatreSamar Haddad King, and Amir Nizar Zuabi. Photography by Antoine Repesse.