AMAL (MAP 2018)

Hip Action Shot


  • $26,850 to The Miami Foundation to support AMAL (MAP 2018)
  • $5,591 to general operating support for the artistic team


AMAL is a theater/spoken word piece written and performed by the Combat Hippies, an ensemble of Puerto Rican veterans of the Iraq War, and is being developed and directed by award winning theater artist Teo Castellanos. It delves into the impact of war for both combatants and noncombatants as people of color, and shares experiences of veterans adjustment to life after war, as well as that of refugees and asylum seekers from war-torn countries. The piece also explores the search for meaning, purpose, and identity through enlisting in the military, as well as Puerto Rico’s cultural and military heritage. This includes the U.S. military’s bombings of two Puerto Rican towns in 1950, which marked the first time in history that the United States government bombed its own citizens. The performance will be in a theater-in-the-round setting, with the two lead performers encircling a percussionist in the symbolic representation of a hurricane. Original music production will also be set to the five categories of hurricanes. This symbolizes both the chaos of war and its aftermath, as well as a tribute to the people of Puerto Rico, who were devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017.


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