Creating an Account

PLEASE NOTE: The information on this page is an archive of the 2018 grant cycle. MAP will announce the 2019 grant cycle timeline in July 2018.

Ready to start your application? This video tutorial walks through the process of creating and submitting an application for the 2018 MAP Fund grant cycle.

Before you initiate a MAP application:

Determine who will be the primary contact for this application. This person may be an independent artist or artistic/executive director, development officer, or other authorized staff member of the applicant organization.

The primary contact is responsible for collecting required materials, submitting the application, and managing all subsequent communications with MAP staff.

It is important to understand that MAP staff cannot access or change your Submittable login information. All notifications from MAP staff will be sent through Submittable, including status updates, forms, feedback, and questions. Submittable is where all communication regarding your application is archived and accessible. Please be sure to share the login and password among project team members if you want more than one person to access the account and/or receive updates.

  • If the primary contact already has an existing Submittable account, you may use this account to apply for MAP’s 2018 application.
  • If the primary contact does not have an existing Submittable account, they may create one at this link.

Please be sure that the project’s creative team does not initiate more than one application! MAP staff will remove multiple applications for the same project.

Have technical questions about Submittable’s platform? Please email