dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Performance Installation (MAP 2018)


photo by Diana Alvarez



A collaboration between Sharon Bridgforth, her daughter Sonja Perryman and 2008 MacArthur Fellow, Walter Kitundu, dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Performance Installation, is a gathering place. An imagined living room – at the bottom of the Ocean – a home, where all there is is Love. A place for people from all walks of life to come as they are, interact with our art – share their stories, connect and grieve if necessary.

Here – in the tradition of Black Spiritual, social and civil rights music – songs serve to open and connect the hearts of those gathered. There will be dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Oracle Readings, and everyday objects that shape shift . . .  as we call the ancestors forward, and celebrate. “We are working with the idea that every action causes an effect. That each of us are responsible for the collective experience. That Divine currencies of Love are always ours. Our intention is that for those who engage in dat Black Mermaid Man Lady/Performance Installation the Waters – that make up sixty percent of our bodies – will Shift. That together, we become more peaceful and clear. And therefore, collectively more humane.”


Sharon Bridgforth // Twitter
Walter Kitundu
Sonja Perryman