Daughter of the Hills (MAP 2018)

Martha_Redbone bright crop color 300dpi May 2018

Martha Redbone, photo by Fabrice Trombert


  • $36,250 to globalFEST to support Daughter of the Hills (MAP 2018)
  • $7,548 to general operating support for the artistic team


Daughter of the Hills, a devised musical theater work created by Martha Redbone and Aaron Whitby, is a contemporary Appalachian blues-opera set amid Cherokee/Shawnee lullabies and ancient prayer songs bringing to light an untold American story.

Daughter of the Hills is the transformative journey of a woman returning to her childhood home in the coal mining mountains of Kentucky where her Cherokee family has dwelled for centuries. In her reluctant homecoming, Red, the perennial black sheep, discovers the land is under imminent threat from strip-mining and mountaintop removal and determines to “save the family”. Trouble is, the family don’t think they need saving. In the face of what Red sees as yet another colonial assault on her people, conflicts among the family over its implications quickly spiral out of control. A family story of nine strong-willed, devout and funny-as-heck mountain women, Daughter of the Hills is set in present-day Appalachia where new customs adapt to the old ways and where the Dead walk among the Living. With the guidance of Red’s rambunctious ancestors, these women continue their fight for survival and the right to exist as a vital, thriving, cultural, matriarchal community.


Martha Redbone
Aaron Whitby