Footsteps in the Dark: Journey of Hip-Hop Movement (MAP 2018)


photo by Aisha Sheffield-Watts



Footsteps in the Dark is an original dance production commissioned by Words Beats and Life. Footsteps in the Dark showcases the work of American and International dancers of Muslim backgrounds that specialize in various contemporary forms of dance connected to Hip-Hop culture.  Footsteps in the Dark is a part of From Sifrs to Ciphers: Hip Hop is Muslim.

Dance has always been a part of Muslim cultures across the globe, some of which has even had spiritual implications to the movements. This is especially true for numerous Sufi traditions that find their origins from Senegal and Mali in West Africa all the way across to Malaysia and Indonesia in Southeast Asia. Today, some of the most compelling Hip-Hop dancers in Europe, North Africa and the US – poppers, lockers, breakers, choreographers and those innovating new styles – happen to also be Muslim. Footsteps In The Dark: Journey of Hip-Hop Movement aims to not only showcase some of the best Muslim Hip-Hop dancers, it also thematically explores the sometimes delicate nature in which Hip-Hop and Dance intersect with Muslim communities.


Amirah M. Sackett
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