Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus (MAP 2018)


courtesy of Taylor Mac


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Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus follows the story of Gary, a clown tasked with cleaning a room full of corpses after a political coup. Told from the perspective of working-class characters traditionally brushed aside in historical dramas, this three-character play is a grotesque, an existential romp, and a political treatise about onslaught, escalation, and sequels — specifically how they relate to revenge — and who in our culture does the cleaning, again and again.

Like its title character, the play works to disrupt our society’s cycle of escalation, revenge, and polarization by engaging with questions like: How can we use our exhaustion with the current political climate to improve it? Why is it usually those advocating against political machinations who have to clean up the mess? How do we inspire love for the unknown rather than encourage dependence on repetition? The play aims to challenge the audience to find a sense of capability in dealing with the grotesque (and metaphorically the state of our politics), so they can roll up their sleeves and start the cleanup.


Taylor Mac