I’ll Take You There (working title) (MAP 2018)

Memphis Originals Dance - ILM Mural 2



Lionheart Youth Theatre will devise I’ll Take You There an intergenerational, multi-site, interdisciplinary, performance honoring and activating spaces throughout the Soulsville USA neighborhood in Memphis TN. Each location will be, chosen by the legendary Stax and Hi Records artists that were meaningful to them in their coming of age, and the narrative of the space and artist will be told through the choreographic lens of school age jookin’ artists from New Ballet Ensemble and School. Young residents of the Soulsville USA neighborhood and Stax Music Academy will work in partnership with the dancers to develop narrative texts and participate as additional performers in the piece. Because Memphis is experiencing a well-deserved revival, these performances can re-connect the community to forgotten spaces and narratives of the Soulsville USA neighborhood, which will revitalize interest and preserve community narratives at risk of extinction. Furthermore, these performances will empower youth to stake their claim in the future of Memphis arts and culture, as well as start a dialogue around the stigma and politics of youth gathering and creating in public spaces.


Lionheart Live Arts and Youth Theatre / Emily Marks // Facebook
New Ballet Ensemble and School
The Stax Museum of American Soul Music