joyUS justUS (MAP 2018)


photo by Eric Wolfe



joyUS justUS is a radical celebration of our humanity, an honoring of the feminine, a passionate battle cry for our rising collective consciousness and a calling for connection. We ask everyone to be a part of our movement to choose joy, to stand for justice and to vibrate together in love. The development of this work has required us as an organization to begin the deep work of liberation. The creative process that had us arrive at what audiences experience was a profound experiment in building community and collaboration. What happens when we fail miserably, find ourselves living and uplifting the very systems of oppression that we are attempting to dismantle, pick up the pieces and continue to boldly spiral upward? Life is messy. Living our values is messy. Art making is a complete mess — yet when we are able to let go of needing to be the one, and make space for being truly present with the elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) and with one another, magic is possible.


Ana Maria Alvarez
d. Sabela Grimes
Charlese Antoinette Jones
Las Cafeteras
Emily Orling
Tuce Yasak