Maine USA, the real history of Maine from the Ice Age till now (MAP 2018)


iceberg floating in greenland fjord

photo by Marty Pottenger



The Gulf of Maine is the fastest warming body of water in the world and already experiencing a growing transformation of our ecosystem. Maine USA takes aim at climate destruction and the natural world’s power and fragility with an intimate historical extravaganza about Maine’s brutal, beautiful history from the Ice Age till now.

Created by an award-winning team of Maine artists out of stories by Mainers living and long dead, performed by Mainers from 7 to 87 years old and guided by a Wabanaki Council. Funny, heartbreaking, inspiring narratives are shared by Mary, a Passamaquoddy elder, Atticus whose family came in the 1600’s, and Alfred who arrived at 11 years old, escaping genocide in Sudan…fiddles, drums, and accordions help set a pace needed to cover 10,000 years in 75 minutes.

Envisioned as a seasonal production that creates up to 200 meaningful – and needed – jobs, Maine USA’s story will be reimagined by people and puppets – sardines, ravens, trees, a full-size humpback whale – bridging the same 10,000+ years of the Wabanaki people’s relationship with this land’s rivers, lakes, forests and ocean.


Chris Akerlind
Heather Augustine
Ian Bannon
Gretchen Berg
John Farrell
Daniel Minter
Marty Pottenger
Jo Radner