Masters of the Currents (MAP 2018)


photo by Brad Goda



Welcome to Hawai’i, the Aloha state – a tropical paradise where everyone gets along. However, the reality for many residents is much different. Follow Micronesian youth on their journey, growing up in Hawai’i, and the conflicts they must overcome to be accepted by their peers while still holding on to the history and  rich cultural traditions of their ancestral islands of Micronesia. Inspired by the stories of Micronesians living in Hawai’i today, Masters of the Currents is a theatrical journey that takes us from remote island nations to urban cities, from ocean water passageways to paved asphalt highways. As the waters of our planet rise, what can we learn from these descendants of the original ocean navigators of the Pacific?

This community-based, devised ensemble play will to launch a full multimedia production at Brava Theater Center in San Francisco, and will continue the tour to Pangea World Theater in Minneapolis. This new work explores the untold stories and hardships of these newcomers and asks “Where is the Aloha? And when the time comes, will there be an Aloha for us?”


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