Check Eligibility

Check Eligibility
10/14/2018 Kim Savarino
Performer in a red dress lunges forward spraying grey sand in front of stacks of red-pink boxes.

MAP’s basic eligibility criteria is listed below. Applicants can also evaluate their project’s eligibility by taking MAP’s eligibility quiz. Ineligible projects will not be reviewed.

  • The proposed project must include the creation, development, and/or the initial presentation of a new, live performance. Requests for project touring or documentation are ineligible;
  • MAP does not fund projects retroactively. Works that have been fully realized prior to July 1, 2019 are not eligible. Requested MAP funds must be used for expenses incurred between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2021;
  • Projects are ineligible if one or more project team members are current employees or board members of MAP Fund or MAP’s funders.
  • Projects are ineligible if one or more artistic team members are full-time students.
    • Applicants may be enrolled in a part-time and/or low residency degree program, provided that:
      • The proposed project focuses its public reach beyond the university/college community, and;
      • Project activities do not result in student credit and are not considered part of a required curriculum.

For previous MAP grantees only:

  • Artists who received MAP funding for any project in the past two consecutive grant cycles (2017 and 2018) are not eligible in the 2019 cycle — these artists will be eligible again for the 2020 grant cycle.
  • All requirements from 2015 and 2016 MAP grants, including the submission of final report(s) by their deadline(s), must be complete prior to submitting a 2019 application. Please email if you are unsure whether you have fulfilled all requirements.


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