Request A Draft Review

Request A Draft Review
10/14/2018 Kim Savarino
Trio of musicians wear orange hats and play on a sidewalk as passersby film and watch.

During the month of November, MAP offers support to applicants who would like staff to read and respond to a project description draft prior to submitting an application. The draft dialogue provided will be focused on grant writing skills only (i.e, have you communicated what you intend to communicate?). In no way can MAP staff predetermine how reviewers might respond to the artistic / aesthetic components of your proposal, or how strongly they may feel your work aligns with MAP’s goals.

MAP staff will read and respond to the first 200 draft review requests between November 1-30, 2018. The request form is available here.

Once you submit your request, MAP staff will send a reply within 5 business days. Please be sure the draft you send is close to its final version, as we cannot provide responses for subsequent drafts.


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