Request MAP Support

Request MAP Support
09/17/2017 Kim Savarino
Two people canoe on a lake in the distance, as another person stands by the water's edge and watches.

MAP is offering support to applicants who would like staff to read and respond to the project description of their 2018 Round One application.

Due to our small organizational size, we are able to respond to only the first 500 applicant requests. Please be sure the draft you send is close to its final version, as we will not provide feedback for multiple drafts. The application support process begins on August 28, 2017, and ends on October 16, 2017. Once you submit your request, MAP staff will send a reply within 7 business days.

You can fill out a request for support here or in the form below.

It is important to understand that the feedback provided will be a comment  on your grant-writing skills only (i.e, have you communicated what you intend to communicate). In no way can MAP staff predetermine how cohorts of peer reviewers and panelists might respond to the artistic / aesthetic components of your proposal, or how strongly they feel your work aligns with MAP’s goals.

Please note that the last opportunity to submit a draft for review is 11:59 p.m. EST on October 16, 2017. (The final deadline for applications is Monday, October 30.)

Please email all other questions to A reminder that MAP staff will not be scheduling phone calls or live meetings to review applications. All questions regarding the 2018 cycle will be answered in order of receipt.


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