Reviewers & Panelists

To review applications, MAP hires artists and arts professionals who have demonstrated their own excellence of craft, leadership, and spirit of generosity to their peers. Individuals are recruited by MAP staff through their knowledge of the field, and through applicants who are strongly encouraged to nominate potential candidates.

Their guiding role in MAP award selections allows the program to be responsive to movement in the field, as well as the socio-political moment, rather than to be prescriptive. MAP invests full authority in reviewers and panelists to interpret the program goals according to that knowledge and expertise, within facilitated conversations.

Reviewers and panelists reflect the range of diversities MAP supports in its grantees (aesthetic, racial, ethnic, gender, geographic, career stage, independent artists and those connected to institutions). They are paid an honorarium based on the number of hours of service required to participate (approximately 40 – 50 hours), and travel expenses as necessary.

MAP is committed to administering an anti-oppressive and collective decision-making approach to grant-making. MAP requires that reviewers and panelists agree to the Code of Ethics, recuse themselves from conflicts of interest, check in with staff regularly during the process, and follow scoring instructions that support their interpretation of MAP’s funding parameters.