Sample entry form

Should any artist need additional support to access and/or complete the form, the grant team is available to schedule a phone or video connection. Please call 212-226-1677 and leave a voicemail with contact information, such as first and last name (spelled out) and phone number or email, as well as the times you are generally available between 9-5 EST on weekdays. 

The 2021 lottery entry form is open util January 28, 2021. Please use these sample questions to anticipate the questions that will be asked. 

    • Entrants must confirm:
      • Their understanding of expectations should they be selected by the lottery.
      • That they are the artist(s) responsible for the overall execution of the new performance project.
      • That they have been living and working in the U.S. for the last two years. 
      • That, should they be chosen, they would be able to provide one of the following: 
        • 1) Social Security Number (SSN)
        • 2) Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
        • 3) or fiscal sponsor entity or other 501c3 organization that could receive funds.
    • Name of artist (individual or ensemble).
      • If ensemble, names and roles of all ensemble members working on the project.
    • Email and phone number. 
    • Title of new original performance project. 
    • Select area(s) of practice:
      • Dance/performance
      • Music/performance
      • Theater/performance
    • Names of any confirmed collaborators and their roles on the project. 
    • Zip code of artist(s) (individual or ensemble). 
    • Demographic questions*:
      • Race(s)/heritage(s)/ethnicity or ethnicities
      • Gender identity/identities
      • Sexual orientation(s)
      • Age(s)
      • Disability status(es) 
      • Projected income from 2020

*We are collecting demographic information for internal purposes to track who is and is not represented among eligible entrants. We intend to use this information to shape future outreach to communities which we know continue to experience underrepresentation and divestment for systemic reasons. Any external reporting, such as to MAP’s funders, will be done anonymously and in the aggregate. Entrants may select as many identifiers as best describe themselves, and may also select “prefer not to say” or “prefer to self-describe” for each question. At the end of the section, entrants may share any additional demographic information they would like MAP to be aware of.

Banner: MAP 2020 grantee As Quiet As It’s Kept by Monica L. Williams. Photography by Robyn Twomey. Pictured: Vietnam Veteran Herbert Sweat.