The Enemy of My Enemy: Chapter 1 (MAP 2018)


photo by Hooria Rahimi


  • $29,900 to Allied Media Projects to support The Enemy of My Enemy: Chapter 1 (MAP 2018)
  • $6,226 to general operating support for the artistic team


The Enemy of My Enemy: Chapter 1 is a bi-locational, bilingual performance viewed simultaneously in Iran and the U.S. and premiering in late 2019. The performance will be created by two teams: in Detroit, physical theatre ensemble The Hinterlands, multimedia collective Poetic Societies (led by Tehran-native curator and performer Ava Ansari), and video artist Renee Willoughby; in Tehran, a team of performers, filmmakers, musicians, and installation artists including Alireza Kaymanesh, Amir Pousti, Zahra Moein, Hooria Rahimi, Shaheen Aghdam, and Ariya Ashkan. This hybrid live-digital piece both builds off of and subverts the aesthetic forms of everyday Internet life, using connective technology, embodied cinematography, and explosive physicality to examine identity, nationality, and enemy-ness across unfriendly borders. With audiences and actors digitally connected across two continents, we will explore the unique and disorienting space where the Internet and live performance meet as a “free zone” for direct exchange. The Enemy of My Enemy: Chapter 1 kicks off a series of performances created by The Hinterlands and Poetic Societies in collaboration with Chinese, Russian, and Iranian artists testing a new kind of hybrid live-digital theatre as a vehicle for grassroots international diplomacy.


Alireza Keymanesh
Amir Pousti
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Poetic Societies
Renee Willoughby